Convenience in just a few steps

We have developed a powerful tool, we call it our ‘Universal Configurator’ (UC). With this configurator, you can easily roll out any desired bumpers/ lowerthirds or titles in the desired style/color/length and shape; All just by entering your data in our special spreadsheet.
As a result, we skip a lot of steps in between, this works way more efficient. We package all the assets and send it categorized to you, ready to use.

What can we provide to you with this tool?
– Lower thirds / Name bars
– Music / podcast templates
– Intro Outro
– Infographics
– Leaderboards


For an example project which we dit with the ‘UC’ click on this link.

Technically genius!

To give our clients a more one on one approach as it comes to processing their input into our software; We automated the backend of our software plugins to speed up the proces but also to avoid bumps in the proces.

The features in this plugin are specially created to provide a huge bulk amount of visual effects with the same style and different information on it.

We start the proces by making the animations needed for the project. We either make this based on the corporate identity or create a style ourselves.


Check out the video here