Creative Concepting

Creative concepting

Preparation is everything. That’s why we take this process very seriously. We approach a project in a flexible and diverse way, conscious of the broad spectrum of possibilities that can be applied to a concept’s groundwork. This phase is called pre-production (or creative concepting) and, as the term suggests, takes place prior to the recording of a corporate film or cinematic project. It’s where ideas and elements swirl through the room, pass through a creative filter and ultimately merge into an airtight plan – up for production and ready to gain momentum.

What is creative concepting and how do we approach it?

Creative concepting, to us, is the basis of all creative works. It’s a space where thoughts and imagination can run freely and where any form of input is welcome. In approaching our projects, we like to bring renewable ideas to the table. 

As the process of creative concepting progresses, our pencil starts to turn words into sentences, shape lines into frames, and cluster sentences into a story. 

Concepting can be done in countless ways from drawing doodle notes to entire scenes. Imagination is key at this stage and we never try to limit its potential. We believe in an active lifestyle, which supports this mentality. It’s this exact balance that helps us provide the brain with renewable ideas, so that we can always improve our products into something innovative. 

Sometimes the starting point of the concept is based on a corporate identity, in other cases it’s the spirit in a music track or it touches on more global ideas. We do this either at our office or at an external location. As concepting ideas can develop in all kinds of directions, the good thing is that every project has a different and unique approach. The crucial ingredient is that you never think in terms of boxes or barriers. 

We always try to implement the color schemes, shapes and key features of a company, brand, artist or product into the project in order to visualize it in an authentic way.

A good example

One of our cases focuses on the merging from two well-known music labels: Spirit of Hardstyle and Art of Creation. All the artists from Spirit of Hardstyle were moving to Art of Creation and became a creative collective.

We managed to shape the merging into a cinematic video trailer. It was a challenge to deliver the viewer a visual combination of the two labels. We made their characteristic colors morphing into the main color of the label that, from then on, united all the artists: Art of Creation. ‘AOC’ had a more ancient look with a lot of rocks and symbols in their artwork, and ‘SOH’ was more colourful and futuristic.

As you can see in the video, we started with some portrait shots of the artists all lined up with the colors from SOH fading into the color yellow as we slowly pass through the church (visually) of SOH.

After all the artists are revealed, we swiftly dive into an animated rock formation combined with all the custom made runes from the self-created alphabet from AOC. As we pass by quickly, we slide the movement into small rock openings where we see each artist from the AOC label being illuminated. In the final shot, all the artists align perfectly with the AOC logo.


Production by: Editz
Studio: Tungsten Studio
Gaffer: Ward Trommelen
BTS Photographer: Kevin Verkruijssen