We have been approached by metal band ‘Distillator’ to produce the visual interpretation for their latest track “Decypher”. The track was made under their new band name “Cryptosis”.

The video is a clip set in a dystopian setting in the year 2149, a technocratic world where all of society is controlled by the government.

In this case an artificial intelligent power that is entangled with cables.

“Mind control to the max.

The band became interested in our work through an earlier project of ours.

Their inspiration came from this trailer that we made for ‘Airforce Festival’ in 2018.

“The year of the Technological Subordination”

Everything we know in the world has been taken over: Politics, education, leisure, work, physical money.

Everything is under the control and supervision of this “dictatorship”.

In the initial process we first had to get used to each other, what are our ideas like when hearing the track and how can we let go of our vision.

Band members Marco Prij, Frank te Riet & Laurens Houvast have given us the confidence to come up with a first proposal.

This process will be different for every project.

Some clients like to work within a certain framework – and some clients let our imaginations run wild.

In this case we had to come up with a proposal, to see if we could build a world based on the track in combination with the deep lyrics.

This would completely match the music of the band.

We were new to the genre “Trashmetal” but thought it was a very interesting turn for us to take this opportunity.

Where the Covid 19 turned the entire music industry upside down, the band members of “Distillator” took the opportunity – to do a restyle with a new band name.

With a number of back and forth with the band members and their management, we managed to create a completely new world for the track within a few weeks.

We have built the world out of 4 different environments, to keep enough diversity in it.

  • Security (Riot Team)
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Government

Watch the video here: