We simply love the flow involved in post-production. It’s the phase where it all comes to life and where we’re allowed to cut, blend and compose raw material into an impeccable and recognizable product. On a technical note, we’re proficient in 2D motion graphics, 3D animation, and visual effects. Looking for custom-made music to enhance the total picture? Our house-oriented producers got you covered. What results is a beautiful harmony of mathematical precision where sound and pixels form an artistic whole. Visually refined and creatively aligned, exactly what we stand for.


What is Post-production?

We often say that post-production is where the real magic happens. Post-production is the key element of our company. Every image, every color, and every idea has its own flow and rhythm. Though everything in the process seems to be aligned and decided, we still leave room for editorial moves. And even with the concept and the production already finished, we’re still open to input when it comes to gluing the images together sometimes out of the creative concern and sometimes because the project outcome is for different platforms. This flexibility in producing gives us space to always improve our projects. 

VFX is a big player within our industry. That’s why we deliver visual effects for many purposes, from the massive event shows to corporate launch reels. The beautiful thing about building visual effects is that you can make little worlds come into being. A fully 3D world or just simple single 3D elements can be a powerful way to take people into your flow of imagination.

Through stunning real-time engine possibilities, we provide a way to give others an early insight into our process so that we can align more quickly with the specific needs of our customers.

We developed a framework for ourselves to effortlessly switch between the canvas of many outputs as it comes to rendering and resolution settings. This makes it convenient for a customer to see its visual branding on different platforms from website headers to billboards. 

With a designer approach to integrating corporate identity into moving images, our team can deliver the most stunning visuals suited for your needs. From our perspective, creating technically brilliant motion graphics is key to bringing a corporate identity to life.

What is VFX? A case of VFX

VFX stands for visual effects. The possibilities for building visual effects are limitless. You can either build a fully 3D world or combine film and 3D. From fantasy-inspired surroundings to a high-end futuristic factory or an ancient castle, every environment has its own vibe and brings a unique visual story to the beholder.

We just love building great VFX! With the Master of Hardcore 2020 trailer shoot, we made full use of factory surroundings and blended the actual camera movements into our 3D animated dimension.


Production: Editz
Film: New Day Studio, Editz
Edit: Editz