The Q-dance Quiz 2020

For the livestream of Q-dance we got the chance to compile the Q-dance quiz for the livestream which took place in the summer of 2020.

The Quiz was part of the livestream ‘Defqon 1 @ Home 2020’ this livestream was a massive succes, you can find all the live sets here.

“Defqon.1 is a festival for the harder music styles that takes place every year for a weekend in June. The event area at Walibi Holland in Biddinghuizen is the place where 80,000 Weekend Warriors from all over the world come together to party.

This year, the festival could not go live and we organized a unique online edition where some 80 DJs performed on various stages for a weekend and which was streamed for free via our own platform.

Q-dance asked us to go fully creative on the content for the quiz and we decided to make a multicam setting for the quiz to have extra control in the editing proces.


For the quiz questions in graphics we decided to make use of our latest addition ‘The Universal Generator’. Which is a custom made platform that eases the proces of user and costumer.

We provided our excel sheet to Q-dance and they immediately provided us the information needed for the quiz question.

The pro of the use of this excel document is that we all have a realtime updated vision of the input of the document, everything is online so we all can adjust en insert info within a few mouse clicks.

We redesigned the graphics which were used earlier in the livestream for ‘Defqon 1 – Release 2020’ which was launched in Q1 2020.

The quiz consists out of 3 different quizes, The Q-dance Quiz, The Hairstyle Quiz & The Defqon 1 Quiz.

The Recording:

The recording of the quiz took place in and around the HQ of Q-dance. It was all shot on a summer day with a handful of people.

We all managed to shoot the quiz in 1 full day of shooting.

To give every quiz it’s own vibe and feeling; we’ve created 3 different corners for the quizes. All in a different area in the building.

We used our own setup which was the Red Helium and the Sony Fs7. One of the camera’s was on our Rhino slider to give it a more breathing feeling. Cam B was on a tripod.

Host Sam Gonzales (Audiofreq) managed to present all the questions provided by Q and gave them a unique flavor with his recognizable Australian roots.


The livestream of Defqon 1 at home 2020 reached 8 million views worldwide during the whole weekend.

As for the quiz, according to the supplier of this software, normally about 30% reach the last question, 95% participated!

We absolutely loved working on this proces together with Q-dance and hope next years edition will be on the holy grounds of Defqon 1 again with the crowd gathered at the festival grounds.


Style frames

Check out the trailer video here