Video Production

The script is outlined to perfection, every shot has been studied and the cameras are geared up for the story to unfold. In other words, it’s time to initiate the video production – the phase where theory becomes practice. Whereas the pre-production phase provides a detailed direction for the project’s production, smooth communication on the set is key. We continuously aim to improve the quality of our services and the fashion in which they connect to the individual needs of our customers. You’ll notice it in everything we do. We invite you to challenge us!


What a great time to be alive! These days it’s more important than ever to visualize your brand identity in a moving and innovative way. With all the powerful platforms surrounding us, there is plenty of room to integrate video content everywhere.

It’s now that we can reach higher levels of digital standards with video and show it in a multiplatform fashion. With over 10 years of experience in film and editing, we consider ourselves capable of making high-end cinematic content and make your brand look visually on point. In the production phase, a concept evolves into existence – a physical dimension is added to the process. The great thing about the production phase is that, despite all the steps that we take on a creative as well as an operational level, there is always room for input. 

We are fully equipped with all the tools and artists required to make a production come to life. Tapping into our knowledge about film and production, we always choose what feels best for the project. 

We’re able to provide the full services of running production from A to Z, but clients also approach us for our separate services. From high-scale studio production to a product shoot, we basically do it all – filming in 8K with stunning colors on our own ‘Red Helium’ system or in real-time 3D. We like to challenge ourselves and always find ways to improve.


Delirium Tremens, the well-known Belgian beer brand, marks a case where we succeeded in producing a fresh cinematic trailer. We wanted to add a touch of playfulness while remaining tasteful and credible. The brand itself looks quite cheerful to us, with the characteristic pink elephant and its unique touch of blue, we managed to experiment with the various elements highlighted on the bottle. 

Our key concept was that the elephant in this case was the main character. The mascot had to play with the bottle and the beer. At a first glimpse, you see an empty bottle and some drops of water. In the distance, you hear the loud footsteps of the elephant coming and making the whole scene tremble. It’s here that the elephant takes action and swirls and swings the bottle from left to right, up and down. 

This is an example of a fully creative production where all the team members were present during the production. The benefit of this is that we can decide more easily if the elements being filmed are accurately executed and enroll them in our software.

One of the quality features of this commercial is the tasteful sound and rhythm. JDX, one of the best music producers out there, made a piece that is geared towards the purpose of this project. With bigger productions, we always give our clients the option to produce a custom-made track instead of looking for existing production.


Production: Editz
Film /3D/ Edit: Editz
Audio produced by: JDX