'Visually Refined'

We are Editz. Our focus lies on translating creative concepts into visual works of art. In other words, we bring sparks of imagination to life. Over the years, our team of resourceful professionals has delivered a diversity of refined content for clients in the music industry, the corporate sphere and the fashion world. Fueled by a future-focused approach, we aim for multiplatform solutions and see flexibility as a virtue. Does your product need a launch reel, accompanied by a custom-made soundtrack? Or are you looking for a cinematic music video? We gladly introduce you to our signature angle. With Editz, we set out to reframe the way in which the experiencer immerses in the symbiosis of sound and image. Welcome to the era of vision.

'Creatively aligned'

Tapping into 10 years of multidisciplinary experience, we’re proficient in film, editing and visualization and continuously aim for the highest form of quality. In doing so, we raised the bar for visual content within the dance scene and increasingly dedicate energy to exploring new territory. As a creative collective we believe that everything you see, hear and feel resonates on a
deeper level, whether it invades the subjective reality of an individual or touches the core values or a company. Our content is renewable and designed to align. When ideas come together in a co-creation environment, the result is always bigger than the sum of its parts.
From this point of reference, we seek what works best for your brand, event or project.


Visually refined, Creatively aligned!

From Concept to Solid Plan
Preparation is everything. That’s why we take this process very seriously. We approach a project in a flexible and diverse way, conscious of the broad spectrum of possibilities that can be applied to a concept’s groundwork. This phase is called pre-production and, as the term suggests, takes place prior to the recording of a corporate film or cinematic project. It’s where ideas and elements swirl through the room, pass through a creative filter and ultimately merge into an airtight plan  up for production and ready to gain momentum.

Production: Hands-On and Tailor-Made

The script is outlined to perfection, every shot has been studied and the cameras are geared up for the story to unfold. In other words, it’s time to initiate the recording process  the phase where theory becomes practice. Whereas the pre-production phase provides a detailed direction for the project’s production, smooth communication on the set is key. We continuously aim to improve the quality of our services and the fashion in which they connect to the individual needs of our customers. You’ll notice it in everything we do. We invite you to challenge us.

Post-Production: the In-Depth Way

We simply love the flow involved in post-production. It’s the phase where it all comes to life and where we’re allowed to cut, blend and compose raw material into an impeccable and recognizable product. On a technical note, we’re proficient in 2D motion graphics, 3D animation and visual effects. Looking for custom-made music to enhance the total picture? Our house-oriented producers got you covered. What results is a beautiful harmony of mathematical precision where sound and pixels form an artistic whole.Visually refined and creatively aligned, exactly what we stand for.