In the week of 1 to 5 August we traveled to Paris for the production of 3 commercials in collaboration with Letʼs Create Productions.

Here we got the opportunity to shoot 3 separate campaigns for brands like; Buddha to Buddha USA, Amsterdam Heritage and also Thirty Four Corporate workwear.

For Buddha to Buddha we recorded all the scenes in and around the Louvre on the penultimate day, this was quite a challenge to get a good clear shot as there were quite a lot of tourists around us.


Covid 19

Also during that time  there were quite strict measures active in Paris regarding the whole Covid 19 situation; directing the models in the setting became even more challenging.

This mainly because the entire area was surrounded by people who wore mouth masks. As a result, you occasionally saw a great contrast in the background with the colorful, cheerful and loving images that we were shooting with the models.

Some takes therefore had to be redone many times. What I have been told is that the area around the Louvre would normally be many times more crowded. But because the rules became more and more strict around this time, this also deterred people from coming to Paris.

Love in Paris

Together with the client we decided to shoot everything in a typical love / couple setting because this fits very well with the Paris setting.

The models we have worked with are; Hessel de Graaf and Chantal van Dalen. From B2B USA we received several sets of jewelry to record this in the different settings in and around the Louvre.

The Louvre location has many faces, as has been shown because the entire commercial contains completely different angles. The big advantage is that we had the commercial quite quickly because of this.

This was also due to the flawless use of the models, everything was spot on! In addition, the weather was also good so that was a plus.

We had to vary the settings with Michel De Zoeter, he is the regular photographer of Letʼs Create Productions. It is a very nice challenge to use the different settings creatively and yet differentiate from each other in the image.

This diversity is reflected in both end products, both the photo and the moving images.


The main aim for the video was to deliver a bundled montage of the different settings that we shot. With the addition of the library in different formats suitable for every social media platform.

This gives the customer an extra option to use the images on different channels (for example very suitable for websites as a header). We do this more often when we step into a project, especially when it comes to clothing or jewelry.