Right before the holiday month of December started, we were approached by the Charlotte Labee team to think along in the process for the content of the launch of an entirely new product in their range.

In the year 2020, Charlotte Labee has grown enormously with her platform about Brain Knowledge.

After the release of two successful books; ‘Brain Balance’ & ‘Brain Food’, Charlotte Labee’s team came up with the idea to bring a new product to the market.

Since the month September we’ve already produced various videos for the brain information platform ‘Your Brain Balance’.

New product.

The “Balance Your Senses spray” is an essential oil for the brain.

The name describes it already, it balances your senses and it doesn’t just stop there.

We were challenged to make a product launch video for this.


The first stage.

In the first phase we looked at the possibility of building it up from the product photos that would be taken.

We would then create the animation of the product photos and then highlight the labels to provide the viewer with the information of the product.

The product consists of four different bottles, each with its own key ingredient and story behind it.

The color scheme is tailored to this. This atmosphere also had to be reflected in the video.

We have been given the opportunity to go fully creative in the proces.


Start from scratch with a textual proposals and as a foundation the label of the bottles with the color scheme to wrap around the models.

How did we proceed?

The first style frames were created in the earlier stage to give the Charlotte Labee her team a good first impression of how we approach this process.

We make concept renders from the style frames, which are all the textures around it. This can already be used in the edit and acts as a placeholder.

In these style frames we have not yet dived into the finesse of reflection and fine-tuning.

“The trailer had to look fresh and also informative, text and color play the leading role in this.

The four different colors used:

– Blue for mint
– Green for Rosemary
– Yellow for Lemon
– Purple for Lavender

Each element consists its own animation, in order to maintain variation in the style.
In this way you can, for example, also make round animations with round shapes and a bit more static animation with straighter shapes.

In addition, we adjust the colors by carefully listening to the audio track that has been selected before we dive into the editing.

The bottles can be ordered here.

Check out the video: