In collaboration with Letʼs Create Productions, we have been approached to produce a number of social media videos for Liefmans in Austria.
This location was specifically chosen because it best reflects the winter feeling.
They are 4 web videos, each shot in a custom format suitable for multiple social media platforms.

In the first meeting, it immediately became clear how well Liefmans had their corporate identity and delivery specifications in order, they discussed everything in detail with us because they want to have their product recorded in the best way.

We indicated that we wanted to create motion graphics ourselves for this “campaign”. This is because we saw that the corporate identity that Liefmans had provided us with is an animation-friendly style to be able to use animation wise.
We also received an extensive document with all delivery specifications in graphics so that we were all in line with guidelines.

We have been in Austria for a total of 5 full days, of which we spent 2 days on the ‘Liefmans shootʼ. We have chosen 4 different settings that could fit well in the setting where youʼd enjoy a Liefmans.
However, at this time there was a challenge because in connection with the current Corona measures, that time, we were forced to avoid the Horeca and everything related to it in the recordings.

The 4 settings:
– Outdoor setting
– Indoor kitchen setting
– Indoor Christmas setting (at the Christmas tree)
– External outside location

For the interior setting, we used a luxurious villa that we had at our disposal throughout the week. Weʼve filmed 3 of the 4 settings here.

Different format
Some shots are included in the shots differently than the standard landscape format. We did this because the object that was filmed is a standing oblong object. The customer wanted to receive the final videos in square and standing format for social media purposes.
The nice thing about the whole process is that we have recorded everything in the full 8k resolution, so we have a wider selection of the format we want to cut it into. Some shots were filmed in portrait mode and some in landscape.

We filmed some scenes twice to have the shots additional for our own library as well.


Production: Letʼs Create Productions
MUA: Sandra Bierens
Models: Fip Kampschuur, Miranda Kramer
Film/Edit: Editz