Served on the rocks!

Liefmans Brewery,home of the typical fruit-infused beer, commissioned us to produce four unique social media videos. For this exciting project, we teamed up with ‘Let’s Create Productions’. The key aspects that tied the videos together were winter and Christmas. And to enrich it with a fitting backdrop, the production was set in beautiful, mountainous Austria. The Liefmans Fruitesse beer, rocking a seductive red color, is often linked to summer days. However, it has so much more in store. The approach of the videos was to highlight the versatility of the beer, inviting the viewer to indulge in the idea of having a fruity refreshment after a wintery walk or next to a cozily ornamented Christmas tree. Liefmans, served on the rocks!



Production: Let’s Create Productions
MUA: Sandra Bierens
Models: Fip Kampschuur, Miranda Kramer 
Film / Edit: Editz

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