Balance Your Senses Spray

Essential Oils

A peaceful mind is everything. The new ‘Balance Your Senses Spray’ by Charlotte Labee gets your brain in tune with the help of scent. For the launch of this innovative and 100% natural spray, we were challenged to create a product trailer that had to be fresh as well as informative, containing an interplay of text, shapes and colors. The product line consists of four bottled variations, which we recreated as 3D models while keeping the original labels in place to avoid losing their essence.

“The trailer had to look fresh and also informative, text and color play the leading part in this.


As we mentioned before, the use of color is essential in this video, pairing shades of the spectrum that subtly accentuate the character of blue for Mint, green for Rosemary, yellow for Lemon and purple for Lavender. We do love the smell of a successful collaboration!

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