X-Qlusive Holland XXL

A little extra!

X-Qlusive Holland

We delivered the full spectrum in production for the campaign of X-Qlusive Holland XXL.

What a blast of a project this was! In the midst of the darkness of the lockdown (in 2021) we were already working in silence on the campaigns. Not knowing it wouldn’t just stay with the trailer.

From the trailer, to the short sketch videos for the campaign, to the 2d graphic anthem video.

To keep everything in line, we were able to extend the graphic elements of the anthem video into the intros of the show visuals.

To end it with the Dutch saying “a cherry on the pie” we were also part of the aftermovie registration. This will come online later.

Thanks to Q-dance for the trust and creativity!



Production by: Editz
Concept/Production: Q-dance
Location trailer: The Fallon Alkmaar
Gaffer: Ward Trommelen
Artwork: Jurriaan Verdoold (Q-dance)
Audio: 3-Am Audio
BTS Photographer: Mno_Photo Pikzels