JDX - Making Memories

Making Memories For Life!

JDX has proven himself as a technically accomplished producer within the hard dance scene. Whilst drawing a blueprint for his return to the public sphere, Joshua Dutrieux, the man behind the moniker, invited us to join in. How to visualize such a major step? It took the force of a team to make it happen. We’ve always been inspired by science fiction movies as well as the Marvel series. And with this in mind, we felt that the project required a forward-thinking approach. As part of the framework, Joshua instructed us with a number of elements that needed to be implemented. One of the themes was a set of valuable personal memories to be spread throughout the music video. As you’ll be able to see, this resulted in an interesting blend of past and future. JDX is capable of synchronizing with others, surrounding himself with creative minds who understand their craft. This is reflected in the collaborations that he engages in, and the music video of ‘Making Memories’ serves as a testimony.



Film/edit: Editz
3D/Graphics: Berry van Dijk (Vision Impossible), Joshua Dutrieux
Laser: Jeroen Winnubst